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            19 reviews

            Choosing comfortable and stylish straps for Fitbit Versa

            Fitbit Versa bands are the ultimate choice if you want a glorious look on your wrist without emptying the pocket. The best thing about Versa interchangeable bands is the transitioning ability from informal to formal occasions and from day to night. So, you will always have a band to suit any set-up, be it a party, night date, or official occurrence.

            Fitbit Versa 3 band and Fitbit Versa Sense are the latest models available in a mix of different colours. With both large and small band sizes available, there is a wristband for everyone. More so, they are sweat and water-proof, meaning they can handle tough workouts and swimming.

            On the other hand, Fitbit Versa 2 bands are stylish to complement your sense of fashion. And if you are looking for durability, the Fitbit Sense metal band will serve the purpose. It also gives you an office-type look with its metallic strap.

            Fitbit Versa Bands for Men

            Salient Features

            • Non-toxic materials.
            • Seamless connection.
            • Sturdy fabric.
            • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

            The Versa bands for men come in different options, but they are all classic and fashionable. Some Fitbit Sense bands are designed with TPU materials for flexibility and durability. Moreover, the premium eco-friendly elastomer has no smell, does not fade, and it’s non-toxic. That means the bands are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

            The mesh strap for Fitbit Versa is elegant and available in black and silver colours, ideal for men. With the stainless steel design, the belt will last along. In addition, it does not irritate you to give you a comfortable and friendly wear experience.

            The bands come in small (5.5-inch - 7.1-inch) wrist sizes and large (7’.1-inch – 8.9-inch). Thus, ensuring everyone will get a fitting size.

            Fitbit Versa Bands for Women

            Customize your look with stunning Versa bands. The chic bands give you a feminine look while in the corporate arena and a girlish look while going for a date. Whether you are looking for a stylish choice for the gala or a sweat-resistant band for the gym, Versa straps remain unbeatable.

            Besides, you have different material options, such as leather, canvas, silicone rubber, or stainless steel. A Fitbit Sense metal band delivers a sophisticated look while offering a smooth and soft wear experience.

            Fitbit Versa 2 Bands for Women

            Salient Features

            • Lightweight to wear all-day.
            • Made of durable TPU material.
            • Comfortable and soft to wear.
            • Flexible.
            • No fading.
            • No skin irritation.

            Wear your Versa 2 band comfortably and enjoy getting the “wow” attention. These bands are water and sweat resistant for wearing in showers, swims, rain, and heavy workouts. In addition, the silicone straps are easy to dry, meaning you can clean your band anytime.

            The lightweight design doesn’t burden you when swimming or working out. Fitbit Versa bands come into contact with your skin smoothly. With a strong buckle, the bands will not slip easily when running or swimming. The two available sizes- small (5.5-inch-7.2-inch) and large (7.2-inch- 8.7-inch)- are adjustable with buckles.

            Versa 2 bands come in a variety of colour options to fit everyday occasions. Just switch the bands daily to match your outfits and enjoy a beautiful day. The robust design ensures the straps attach securely without falling out.

            The Bottom Line

            The Versa bands are world-class wristwear available in different sizes, designs, and colours. The straps are lightweight, impervious to moisture, and flexible. That makes these wristbands a perfect choice for outdoor activities.

            The designs reflect convenience and simplicity. Make a statement with an elegant Fitbit Sense metal strap as you enjoy its durability. When you want to flaunt funky, this strap is something to keep in mind.

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