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            Apple Watch Bands We All Like

            Apple offers a variety of great bands for its iWatch, but so do Watch Band Empire. A watchband's always about personal style choices. So, there is no single option that suits as the best for everybody and every occasion. A modern person who follows his fashionable look will need at least a few bands just in case.

            Are you looking for Apple Watch bracelets for casual wear in pastel colors that are going well with both a business suit and a get-together with friends? Or watch straps of extraordinary design to emphasize a particular style and exclusivity? Also, you may be interested in Apple Watch straps for your workouts, which will match the color of your sportswear and are rugged and reliable to befit you in the gym.

            You can't go wrong with watchbands for Apple if you're willing to pay for it. But if you're eager to save a lot of money except quality, we're here to help you. That is why Watch Band Empire offers you plenty of styles and prices for you to have the best Apple Watch band.

            Apple Watch Bands for Men

            If you're tired of the old Apple Watch bands and looking for something different to save money, premium quality bands are made of leather, stainless steel bracelets, or classic nylon straps.

            • Leather – No secret here that all men shop on a budget that values quality. Coming in five different colors, and the 42/44mm versions are among the top choices, with a thick calf leather strap among the competitors.
            • Stainless Steel – With so many steel bracelets on the market, this steel link stands out because of how similar it fits Apple's one. In addition, it can be effortlessly resized and comes in appealing metallic silver, black or two-tone options that include rose gold and silver. Reminder: metal bands are not water-resistant. Any bands that contain magnets may cause interference with Compass in your Apple Watch.
            • Silicone – If you're athletic and in the market for something sporty to fit your Apple watch, a silicone apple watch strap might be the perfect combination for you. It's rigid, survives weather conditions, sweat, and most importantly, is an affordable option that comes in almost every color. The sizes are not restricted to 38/40 mm and match the male wrist.

            Apple Watch Bands for Women

            The most common trouble for women looking for their cute apple watch bands is the size and fit. Unfortunately, times and times again, the companies making Apple Watch bands for women do not pay attention to this dilemma. Perhaps, the band is too big on your wrist, or there's wiggle room in the band and wrist. That being said, some apple watch bands are perfect for sizes 38, 40, 42, and 44 mm.

            • Leather – Apple's iPhone watch bands for women are barely affordable, but there are some worth the money. This premium quality Apple Watch Band comes with stainless steel connectors and is excellent for smaller wrists. It comes with a year-long warranty and many different colors.
            • Nylon – The nylon woven band is compatible with all Apple watch series and fits 133 – 220mm wrist sizes. It comes in eight diverse colors, including hot pink, and it's washable. It is a professional choice and a flexible fit for women with a sturdy and rigid structure to match your professional outfit.
            • Silicone – You can find many variations on Amazon cheaper than $50 for your sports sessions. The Silicone band stands out in its pinhole design that allows breathability during your intense workouts and running. The metal parts are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about rashes or marks during your yoga sessions. It comes in various designs and colors, so you can easily replace them to match your mood and occasions throughout the day.
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