How to adjust the length of a link watch band

Measure the watch band and choose which link you are going to remove.

Before you set about removing any watch links, it is necessary to measure your watch band so you know exactly how many links you will need to remove. To do this:

  • Position the watch on your wrist exactly the way you intend to wear it. When you are satisfied with the way it is positioned, turn your wrist over so that the watch band clasp side is facing up.
  • With the watch band on your wrist, gather the slack in the band and hold the links together to simulate them being removed. Stop gathering the links up when the watch band fits your wrist just the way you like.
  • Look where the links are gathered close together at your wrist – be aware that because of the design of the watch band they may not touch. The loose hanging links will tell you the number of links you should remove first.
  • If you can't accurately judge the number of links to remove, remove one less than you expect – it is always easier to remove another link than add one back in.
  • Be aware that it is always better to remove an even number of watch links. This way, you can remove the same number of links from each side and ensure that the clasp is still located in the center of the watch strap.

Step 1 – Check for indicator arrows

Check the back of the strap for arrows which indicate the direction in which the pins will push out. You will want to push the pins through in the direction that the arrows are pointing.

How to adjust the length of a link watch band 01

Step 2 – Position the band across the link removal tool

Lay the watch band across the link removal tool (underside up so the arrows are visible). Make sure that the arrows are pointing away from the pin pusher.

How to adjust the length of a link watch band 02

Step 3 – Removing the pin

Line up the pin pusher with the pin hole of the link you want to take out. Once in place, rotate the handle clockwise to bring the pusher towards and into the pin hole. Once in place keep rotating the handle until the pin pushes out.

You should be able to push the pin 2 or 3mm and then pull it out from the other side using your hand.

How to adjust the length of a link watch band 03

Once the pin has been pushed as far it can go, grip the pin between your fingers and pull it out the rest of the way until the pin has been removed completely.

How to adjust the length of a link watch band 04

Remove the link's second pin. Repeat the pin removal process on the link's other pin. When you have finished, you should have two pins ready to use later.

How to adjust the length of a link watch band 05

If you need to, remove another link on the other side of the clasp, using the same process. When you have removed as many links as you need to, you are ready to join the bracelet back together.

Step 4 – Reconnecting the band

Once the desired number of links have been removed, you will need to reconnect the band. To do this, hold the links together and replace the pin with your fingers in the opposite direction to the arrows.

How to adjust the length of a link watch band 06